monitoring emotional investments

February 9, 2018


This is the month where we take time to celebrate the legacy of our forefathers and the current achievements of so many influential people in our culture. In the midst of that, Valentine's Day is either celebrated, envied or disregarded all together. I'm not here to talk you out of fake liking that man just to get a free dinner or putting up with the constant foolery so you won't have to spend the day alone. I simply want you to do one thing:


Monitor your emotional investments


When its time to pay bills, I check my account, make sure I've updated my adulting spreadsheet for the month and start paying based on due dates. Even after that’s all done I check my account daily to make sure what needed to clear actually did and make sure the deposits hit exactly when they need to. Why don't we do the same with our emotions?


Ask yourself:

What has been added to me today?

Who/what took something from me that I wasn't expecting?

Do I need to lay low so I can re-up emotionally?


Our emotional well being is just as important - if not more than what's in the bank. Imagine you're pulling up to the ATM. Better yet, you're at the store buying something and you hold your breath praying the transaction goes through. You did some quick math in your head. Anyway, once the receipt paper begins to print you know you're good money…at least for now. But you are left to deal with the consequences (good or bad) of that purchase. I can speak for myself when I say I used to be anxious and nervous hoping I had enough or putting that little bit of overdraft to the test; praying it would save me from embarrassment. Why do we subject our emotions to the same torture?


This applies to family, friends, lovers and everything in between:

Answering phone calls that have proven themselves to be toxic

Someone "unexpectedly" always needing something major from you, resulting in continual sacrifices on your part

Being present when others need you but the favor is never reciprocated


Be sure whoever or whatever is emotionally depleting you, has the same ability to add to you. If there's no return on any investment personally or financially, it becomes a liability. Take inventory on what's for you and what isn't; dead emotional weight isn't meant to be carried.


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