dear 2018.

January 1, 2018


Growing up I was a risk taker but very scary at the same time. I was the type of teenager to assess the levels of “how far can I go without getting killed” with my mom. Even though I got punished I didn’t care. I enjoyed every second of sin and would relive it in my mind. For kicks. Straight up psycho.


As I’ve gotten older, that has drastically changed. I like controlled risks. It’s an oxymoron for sure - but this is what makes me comfortable. I have to know the level of risk before diving all in. If at any second I’m unaware, Kiara is OUT. Better luck next time! We know life doesn’t and won’t ever operate that way. 


This year I vow to do the exact thing that makes me uncomfortable: take risks. I’m shooting every shot and will celebrate my efforts no matter the outcome. I will remind myself failure only wins when fear is present. I will tell those around me to hold me accountable - and make sure I’m living out what I’m saying today. I won’t over analyze every single decision. I will be confident in my abilities and accept that perfection will never exist.


2018 is the year of being chosen. Showing up at the tables without questioning your existence.


You can’t be chosen hiding behind someone else.

You can't be chosen dimming your own light to make other comfortable.

You can’t be chosen if you don't show up.


God didn’t design us to just live. He chose us to be the light.


Be present.

Be purposeful.

Be chosen.




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