17 things 2017 taught me.

December 31, 2017


1. Just because you don’t see progress doesn’t mean it’s not actually happening

I feel like 2017 has been a year of marinating. I've been "doing" but haven't been "seeing". In reality, more has happened than I’d like to acknowledge. Whether I agree with what’s happened is a different story, but progress is progress. You don’t marinate meat for 5 minutes and cook it - the longer it sits in the juices the better the outcome. That’s how I like to think of my personal development.


2. Be intentional about taking time for yourself

Some months I did great at taking alone time. Other months I felt like I let life beat up on me. Know when to take a time out even when you feel like you don’t need one. 


3. Jesus suffered, what makes you think you’re exempt?

BABY LISTEN. I guess I figured Jesus did it for me so I wouldn’t have to…but that’s a lie. Even if you get along with virtually everyone you will be talked about, done wrong and betrayed. #lifegoeson


4. Fear of the unknown will make you confident after temporarily crippling you

A lot of situations this year forced me to not know what was ahead. Like nothing. Not a peep. I won’t say I’m confident with the unknown yet, but I am handling it a bit better.


5. If you don’t take a leap in any area of your life, it will purge something FOR you

You can only ride the wave for so long until you gotta let something go. I told myself I would start looking for a new job at the end of the year, until I was laid off within the first quarter. Purging doesn’t make sense but it is necessary.


6. Wasting time doesn’t slow anyone else's momentum but your own

I took a lot of time admiring all of the boss moves of others, realizing I wasted months on doing absolutely nothing. This isn’t a comparison scenario, but I know the work won’t get done unless I do it. Idle time is wasted time and I have to learn to really manage my time much better.


7. Discomfort is more prevalent than ever before

After I’m done smiling and talking with people, I’m squeamish. Discomfort virtually has been my middle name and I’m adopting ways in my life to better handle when something just doesn’t feel good to me.


8. The level of discipline you had before won’t work anymore

I’m at the point now where what I’ve done to get to this current place doesn’t work. My prayer life requires more. My job requires more. What I’m doing requires so much more focus it literally blows my mind.


9. Find ways to be more efficient

Toward the end of the year I realized my ability to focus on one task is that of a five year old. I started using an app to break my tasks up into 25 minutes, and it incorporates 5 minute breaks in between. This may be too focused for others - but this is a way I’ve found I can work on multiple things without burning myself out.


10. Fight when you can’t fight anymore

I’ve had to push past my limits of physical and mental exertion…almost to the point where I've felt delirious. Even though it doesn't always feel good you have to show up to the fight.


11. There are no shortcuts while trusting the process

There are no detours or construction zones. Shortcuts may provide relief but it won't get you to your final destination.


12. Consistency isn't a trait; it's a talent

If you have mastered consistency, consider yourself the GOAT! I'm far from being a master in this area, but I do understand with applied consistency - anything you touch will succeed.


13. Therapy is the sugar honey iced tea

I took a break from therapy when I started my new job which was the absolute worst thing I could've done. Don't wait until something happens to seek help.


14. Growth has to happen unless you want to stay exactly where you are today

Imagine a small, healthy plant. In order for it to grow and stay healthy, you have to make sure it's watered and well fed. We are the exact same way. Life experiences are there to water, nurture, teach and toughen us. Growth in all elements will reflect maturity.


15. Write everything down

Even though it may not seem like it, writing helps me sort my thoughts. I can get it out of my head without driving me crazy. I mean, I'm still young but I forget things…a lot. Make it easier on yourself and journal those thoughts. It also holds you accountable. To-do lists are your own personal records to see if you're actually getting things done.


16. Self assess, digress then grind

Self-awareness takes practice. Being honest with yourself and your intentions is the best thing you can ever do. Don't beat yourself up on what went wrong - instead assess how you could have better handled a situation and put forth the effort to not fall for the same trap.


17. Establishing a Legacy should be a part of the daily walk not an afterthought

I desire to be a wife and mother one day. I know you can never fully prepare for either but being forward thinking in all of my actions proves I'm also considering the impact it has on others in the future.



Live your life in color but take things as they come in black and white. Use what you have to get to where God wants you to be. 2018, I see you boo. I know you’re ready for me so I need to prepare for you. 





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