Strive for Excellence, not Perfection

October 13, 2017


This is a piece of solidarity and raw truth - that exposes the inner thoughts of black women, the things we hide for the protection of others.


Stay in the gym, cause you know you gotta keep your body right. Meal prep so you can be financially responsible. Drink at least half of your body weight in water. Network enough to make connections for your next role. Keep your house clean. Make sure your twist out is fresh or your bundles are on point. Don't wait until your nails are falling off for a fill in or a fresh manicure. Get a pedicure every other visit. Don't forget to get your eyebrows threaded every three weeks. Read your Bible and keep your relationship one hunnid with Jesus. Write in that journal so you won't explode on the next person that pisses you off. Consume the proper amount of fruits and veggies. Act like you know enough about cars so they won't rip you off at your next oil change. Exfoliate to keep your skin nice and smooth. Call your circle and make sure everyone is okay. Listen even when you are too tired. Work your side hustle. Be a mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, aunt. Pay yo bills on time, cause you know the innanet is watching. Be transparent, slightly vulnerable, and wear your superwoman cape all at the same time without being overly angry..because that's what's expected. 


I'm tiiiiiiiired, bruh. Being a woman is very rewarding but also super's a journey that continues to evolve and quite frankly - ish is just added on by the day. We're often taught to cater to the needs and desires of others while neglecting our own. We're told to create balance in our lives when more times than not, there are so many things that occur outside of our control.



So, if no one has told you lately - relax. Take the necessary time to decompress from life's stressors so you're able to better serve yourself and those around you. As women, we assume many roles and responsibilities. While we can and do operate in multiple capacities, we take on many titles that may not necessarily be required of us. Don't allow your journey full of momentum to lose its steam to life lulls. We are powerhouses, created by God to handle many different situations and obstacles that life brings. So, why are we able to give everyone around us the ideal of perfection but not excellence in our own endeavors? How can we give 100% to sowing into others around us and give ourselves the scraps - if anything at all?


Simple: we don't want to let anyone down. But guess what? You have already and you will. We are human! Incapable of being everything to everyone all of the time. So today, let go of the notion you're available 24/7 because you physically cannot be. Instead of focusing on what you are unable to do, think about what you can do to become the best you.



Excellence is determined based on the attitude and manner in which you successfully complete a task, not how many tasks you complete. It never hurts to say "no" to some things every once and a while. Stop chasing what does not exist. Instead of trying to master a thousand things, be excellent with few.

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