28 Lessons Before 28

July 24, 2017


In an ode to myself, my growth and shortcomings I can acknowledge (and appreciate) everything that has gotten me to this point. I've never claimed to know it all, but these are some things that have reared its head once or too many to recall: the good, bad and ugly. 


1. God will never tell you His exact plans.


I should know this by now, but I still throw an adult temper tantrum when something doesn't make 99.999% sense to me. *shrugs* I'm getting better. If He needed (or wanted) our opinion He would let us know..but He doesn't. It’s our job to align to His plan, not the one we think we can create ourselves. #trusttheprocess


2. Budgeting isn't necessarily HARD, it just requires discipline. 


Skip some Target trips and you'll have money for vacay. Cut some of the random drive through trips too; just eat at home. Ain't nothing wrong with a bowl of cereal and you're never too good for it. #issaclassic


3. Your close friends may experience hell on Earth, and you won't know until months later. 


We all have busy lives, some responsible for little munchkins, husbands and aging parents. Which leads me to #4...


4. Praying for AND with your friends is essential.


I'm not talking about a cookie cutter prayer either. When they are on your heart, open up them lungs and intercede because you never know their internal battles or struggles. It's easy to be consumed with what's going on in your life, but make it a priority in your prayer life. Pick a homegirl/homeboy each day to pray for and GO IN! 


5. Transparency has reached a different level within your circle. 


If you ain't know that, I'll be the first to proudly tell you. Welcome to adulthood where you will not be included in every minuscule happening, even to those that are near and dear to you. Some things can be shared and others just can't. 


6. Jesus is the best listener..even when He doesn't "talk" back. 


Save yourself some heartache. He is the only person that will not be swayed by your biases. He cares, and will respond - just make time for Him. You make time for everything else you want, anyway.


7. Protecting your peace should be at the top of your self-care list. 


Yoga or whatever your muse, utilize it to eliminate unnecessary anxiety.


8. Mama is your best friend, but you gotta let your significant other slide up in there too. 


Find a balance. Understand you have to practice "leave and cleave" before you actually leave. Mama is and always be the rider; her spot can't be replaced. Just define what balance looks like for you. 


9. You'll see friends during major life events only if you don't actively plan trips. 


Ask me how many trips we've planned in GroupMe and have actually been on…you know the answer. Different locations, schedules and money situations make the setup difficult, but not impossible.


10. Sallie Mae never loved us...and won't ever. 


I'm just waiting on someone to hack in, install a virus and clear out all my debt. I got your email the first 1,000 times and I still don't wanna pay you anything. Private loans may be wiped out due to whatever error, but I'm just hoping I'm in that number.


11. Calling your utility company when the bill looks a little too high is totally fine. 


I won't be paying a dime if it's too far off of what's on my spreadsheet. Ion care. 


12. There's nothing wrong with a side hustle. You're never "too good" to NOT do something. 


I live a life of no shame. So yea, I'm still holding on to this part time job (that I complain about) for the discount. Sue me. Side hustles..whether it's your own brain child or someone else's can help kill the monotony that us millenials despise.


13. Farmers market trips make me excited - I'm saving money.


All you need is $20...trust me on this!


14. Waiting until something is on sale is normal. I don't like paying full price if I don't have to. Segway to #15..


15. I don't like to, but I will return something if it's a significant price difference. #allcoinsmatter


16. My earrings 9/10 come out of Tisun's because they don't turn. 


For those outside of Charlotte, it's a beauty supply warehouse - laced with every hoop and stud imagined. You can go from corporate chic to an around the way girl for under $10; thank me later. 


17. You'll prefer lounges over clubs. Our feet just can't endure the same pain as college. 


18. Your calendar is your lifeline. If it ain't in there, it ain't getting done. Or you won't be there. 


I have a physical calendar and cross check that bad boy with my phone. My memory just can't hold it all.


19. A hot bath with some candles and wine is your staycation. 


Lights off with the candles going, and a face mask?! Yessss.


20. You start sounding more and more like your mom. 


It catches me off guard - but she ain't never told me a lie so, hey. 


21. God is in the tiny, tiny details. 


The smallest thing can create an environment of gratitude for you. Slow down so you can be in the moment with them. 


22. The only constant is change. 


I don't care how great you are at planning, plan for contingency. Straight. Like. That.


23. Love comes in all forms. 


Random "how you doing" phone calls, a friend sending you an inspirational text, or the job paying for lunch. All love. 


24. Business ideas are as only as strong as the execution. 


Man, LISTEN. Write, plan, pray..do whatever. But make sure all of these things manifest into action.


25. The gym gotta be in your regimen somewhere or you will be an emotional wreck. 


I'm good - but I've been better. I'm at my best when I can sweat life's frustrations away while listening to trap music. Heaven on earth in a painful/satisfying kinda way.


26. Discernment is getting better. This is just a better way of saying my BS meter is spot on - so don't try me. 


27. Reminiscing brings happy memories. 


Talking about college stories, old flings, and stupid decisions are all comical now. Not nearly as serious as what we painted them to be then.


28. Realizing you're not in your prime YET makes 28 (or whatever your age is) worth it. Never too late. 













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