Igniting your Inner Voice

April 21, 2017


Stop agreeing to things you could honestly care less about for the self fulfillment of others. No sis, that dress doesn't fit; it's two sizes too small. And please, it is NOT hating if I am giving an honest opinion. Putting your wants and desires beneath those that continually show you they are not worthy of merely dwelling in a corner of your space.


Exerting energy for things you know will not be a return on your investment. Choosing when to use the power of no isn't malicious, it's a sign of maturity. The greatest gift outside of love is attention, so choose who and what depletes it carefully. Learn to appreciate the moments and solidarity of silence. We all love our cheerleaders, but if all they do is consistently agree - your sounding board has become too safe for progression.


As a natural people pleaser, I was always compelled to be everywhere for everyone ALL OF THE TIME. Whether that meant spending money I didn’t have, giving time I couldn't afford to lose or just completely disregarding my needs to meet someone else's. Let me go ahead and tell you - this gets old real quick. I lost my voice because I was trying to be the voice for everyone else. My innate nature is empathy, so I am able to most times find something that connects me with a lot of people - which multiply my close knit relationships. I will always have my day ones, those that have truly known me for over a decade. However I have many different circles so I end up adding more people to my friends list, which attribute to a full calendar. I wasn't taking any time for myself. Still answering every single phone call. Responding to every single text message. Apologizing when it wasn't the least bit necessary.


Understand whatever your current responsibilities are, the number one thing you must do is dedicate time to yourself. I was operating on the emptiest vessel alive trying to resurrect others. Baby girl, I am not Jesus. I can't die on the cross and I daggone sure can't uplift you when I don't have any wings to carry myself. I've grown to accept I serve as a sounding board for many and in order for what I'm saying to be effective - I have to know when it's time to step away.


So, what am I telling you?


Rest up and recharge so you are able to empower those around you. There are many others on this life journey waiting for your kind words, guidance or listening ear to nudge them into their season or lift them out of a steep valley. You can't do that if you aren't able to recognize when you're not at full capacity. Make sure you find and listen to your inner voice voluntarily before life forces you.


"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." ~ Bill Cosby


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