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About Ki

Hey, I’m Kiara! As a native Charlottean, I’ve always noticed local businesses had the potential to grow, but often lacked the proper resources to execute their visions successfully – which left many barely operating with feelings of defeat; or forced to close their doors. Seeing this pattern happen so much in my own community, I knew I wanted to provide services to assist businesses of all sizes to walk in the path destined for them.


Wait Let Ki Explain began as a personal blog; a platform where I shared my past experiences to put the people around me at ease – to let them know they’re not alone. While I still have platforms to still do just that, this business was birthed from a place of wanting to be a part of the solution. I’ve always had an innate passion to help those around me, and it just so happens that I’m actually pretty bomb at this writing thing. What started off as revamping resumes to help friends and family land new positions, turned into a business where I am able to curate personalized content to showcase your company and everything it has to offer.

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About Ki

Hire me…and here’s why:

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As a business owner, you bear the responsibility of juggling many different hats.  My one and only job is to be sure that no matter what fluctuates in your life, your content and messaging doesn’t. Hiring a copywriter alleviates the pressure many business owners feel to create content that engages and influences their audience authentically. I understand the impact of your business, and my duty is to ensure your goals and expectations are exceeded.

Why Hire a Copy

Our Packages

The Klassic

This package is your outlet to start your creative content journey; providing you with an essential foundation to build, nurture and expand your brand image - from visual to text. Our Klassic package is sure to give you the perfect start to bring new content with a Klassic feel. This package includes:

Content assessment+ Up to 2 blog posts

The King

This offering is for our more prestigious clients who have some skin in the game of content, but would like to bring a new, powerful spin to their brand. Our King package offers next level experience to your creative content game; bringing your brand to the royal seat! This package includes:

Content assessment + Up to 3 blog posts + Email engagement copy

The Kolossal

This elite service brings the best of both worlds to have your content reach new audiences and expand your brand with a purpose. We take pride in making your brand matter and leveraging new creative ways to expand your brand through our content creation process. You won't regret putting your brand in our hands! This package includes:

Content assessment + Up to 4 blog posts + Email engagement copy + (1) Monthly Newsletter

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** all packages aforementioned are based on a monthly subscription and are subject to change based on client need. Custom packages are available and require a consultation.

Our Packages

Services Offered:

Article and Blog writing

Email Marketing




Research-Based Articles

Revamp Existing Content 

Social Media Content

Video Scripts

Website Copy

Writing Coach

+ more

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Health & Wellness



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"Kiara's writing skills are phenomenal! She is very professional and punctual. I have used many of her services. She has an elevated writing style and has the ability to bring words to life. Her pieces speak volumes and captivate the reader's attention! I would highly recommend her! Kiara is creative and transforms all bodies of writing!"

—  Healthcare Professional

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